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DIVA App Testnet Launch

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After many months of hard work and sweat, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the DIVA App on the Goerli testnet, the first app built on top of DIVA Protocol.
The goal of this release is to collect early user feedback to further improve the app ahead of the mainnet launch later this year. The best part about all this is that you get rewarded with a claim on the future DIVA token for trying out the app without risking real assets 🤯. Read on to find out how to participate.

What is DIVA Protocol?

DIVA Protocol is a decentralized piece of infrastructure that allows its users to create and settle fully customizable event-driven products (also known as "derivatives") in a permissionless way. Users can choose any public data feed as the underlying (e.g., the price of an asset or a basket of assets, the TVL locked in DeFi, Ethereum gas price, Bitcoin hash rate, etc.) and combine it with a wide range of possible payoff profiles (binary, linear, convex, or concave) to create truly unique products in DeFi.

DIVA Protocol’s mission is to empower anyone to bring their betting and insurance product ideas to life in a permissionless way without the need to learn smart contract programming. Whether you want to build a prediction markets platform like Augur, a platform selling insurance products to protect against DeFi hacks, or create a simple webpage to allow users to bet on the outcome of the Champions League Finals, everything can be realized using DIVA Protocol as the underlying infrastructure.

What is DIVA App?

DIVA App is the first implementation of an app on top of DIVA Protocol. Using the DIVA App users can interact with the protocol through a user-friendly interface. They can create and redeem derivative asset. Data providers can report values via the application. In addition, DIVA App integrates 0x's limit order protocol, a decentralized offchain orderbook with an onchain settlement model, to facilitate the exchange of those assets in a decentralized and gas-efficient way without giving up custody.

Both the DIVA Protocol smart contracts as well as the app code will be open-sourced at mainnet launch later this year which developers can use for reference.



One of the initiatives that we will be running to coincide with the testnet launch is the Learn-to-earn program. The goal of this program is to reward users with a claim on the future DIVA token for exploring the functionality offered by the DIVA App and providing valuable feedback that will help us to further improve the app ahead of the mainnet launch later this year. We believe that this approach is more likely to convert users into long-term believers and supporters compared to a random airdrop model. Read about the role of the DIVA token in DIVA Protocol in our gitbook.

The best part about the DIVA testnet is that users are not putting any real assets at risk. All interactions with the DIVA App take place on the Goerli testnet using fake ERC20 tokens and fake ETH.

How it works

There will be a total of 15 tasks that users will be asked to complete, each covering one specific functionality of the DIVA App (see the list of tasks further down below). Each completed task will earn users 200 points. User’s will be able to multiply their score in two ways:

  • 1.5x: Users that complete all tasks will receive an “expert multiple” of 1.5x on their total score resulting in 4500 points.
  • 3.0x: Users that complete all tasks AND hold a whale from our founders’ 888whales.art NFT collection at the end of the testnet, will receive a “whale multiple” of 3.0x on their total score resulting in 9000 points. Note that holding more than one whale will not give you any additional advantage.

Each point collected represents a claim on one future DIVA token subject to a cap of 1 million DIVA tokens (1% of total supply). This means that if the aggregate points collected by all testnet users exceed 1 million, each user’s claim will be cut back pro-rata. For example, if the aggregate points collected by testnet users is 2 million, then each point will represent a claim on 0.5 DIVA tokens. For the avoidance of doubt, users that have collected more points than others will always receive more claims on the DIVA token.

Due to the dependency on the aggregate points collected by testnet users, the final DIVA token rewards will be determined and published after the testnet phase. Testnet participants will be able to claim their share of the DIVA token at the token launch event.

How to participate

Follow the below steps to participate in the DIVA testnet:

  • Head over to the testnet channel in our Discord.
  • Type /register in the message line, add a blank space and paste the wallet address that you are going to use to interact with the DIVA App and later to claim the DIVA token. It should look as follows:


  • Make sure you are using an address that you control as you won't be able to change it afterwards!
  • Hit Enter to confirm. In addition to the address registration, you will receive test ERC20 tokens called dUSD that you will need to start testing the app.
  • Type /address to confirm that your address has been registered. You can also use this command to check which account you have registered in case you forget it.
  • Type /claim-test-assets to receive more dUSD tokens for testing (works only for registered users). Note that you can claim test assets once per day.

All available commands to interact with our Discord bot are also listed in the testnet channel:


Note that each verified Discord user can only register one single account. Users have time to register and complete all tasks until 30th September 2022.

After you have registered and received dUSD, claim some Goerli ETH from one of the following faucets to be able to pay for gas when transacting on the Goerli network:

List of tasks

The 15 tasks that testnet users are asked to complete are listed below as well as in the DIVA App under the Testnet Task tab. The completion of tasks will be assessed based on logged on-chain events and can be tracked on the Testnet Task page. To make things simpler for you, we have created a DIVA App Training in our gitbook that will guide you through the tasks and linked all tasks to the corresponding sections.

|Task|Points| |:---|:---| |Contingent pool creation|| |Create a pool with a binary payoff|200| |Create a pool with a linear payoff|200| |Create a pool with a convex long token payoff|200| |Create a pool with a concave long token payoff|200| |Adding/removing liquidity|| |Add liquidity to an existing pool|200| |Remove liquidity from an existing pool|200| |Trading|| |Create a BUY LIMIT Order that gets filled[^1]|200| |Create a SELL LIMIT Order that gets filled[^1]|200| |Fill a BUY LIMIT order via SELL MARKET|200| |Fill a SELL LIMIT order via BUY MARKET|200| |Manual settlement[^2]|| |Report final value|200| |Challenge a reported value|200| |Redemption|| |Redeem position token|200| |Fee claim|| |Claim fees as a data provider|200| |Transfer fee claims|200| |Total| 3000| |With expert multiple (1.5x)|4500| |With whale multiple (3.0x)|9000|

[^1]: It is important to highlight that placing a BUY/SELL LIMIT order is not enough to complete this task. The order has to be filled by someone (it can be your own account) in order to be considered complete. The reason for that is that creating a BUY or SELL LIMIT order is an off-chain operation. Only the execution of the order triggers an on-chain event that allows us to confirm the completion of the task. [^2]: Note that the manual reporting process of the final value and the possibility to challenge are only relevant for cases where human reporters are used as data providers. In most cases, we expect users to choose oracles that will automatically report the final value and do not require their involvement.

The testnet is conducted on the Goerli network and you have time to complete all tasks until 30 September 2022. Details on the timeline for the mainnet launch will be announced after the testnet phase ends.

Sybil protection

One of the key concerns during any anticipated airdrop or token distribution event are Sybil attacks. To maximize the token allocation during token drops, some individuals or organizations create multiple online accounts pretending to be independent and unique users. These so-called Sybil attackers exploit the fact that it’s impossible to know who is behind each Ethereum account.

In order to ensure a fair token distribution, it is critical to take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of such attacks. The following summarizes the measures that we have taken to prevent such attacks:

  • Only verified Discord users will be able to register for the testnet. We will retain the freedom to change the definition of a “verified” Discord user during the testnet.
  • Every verified Discord user will be able to register one single address.
  • Our learn-to-earn program requires users to dig into the documentation and read how to complete the tasks.
  • To receive the 3.0x whale multiple, users will have to spend real assets to purchase an 888Whale NFT which sybil attackers are unlikely to do. And if they do, those funds will directly flow back into the project.
  • The fact that users will earn a claim on the future DIVA token rather than the DIVA token directly, gives us additional flexibility to exclude suspicious addresses in hindsight.

We strongly recommend users to stay active and visible in our Discord. Ask questions, participate in discussions or provide valuable feedback. This will help us to identify users that are here for the right reason. Saying “Hi” or “Gm” may not be enough.

Final remarks

While most of the functionality is already in place and can be tested, the app is still under development. In particular, we are actively working on upgrading the web design as well as improving the performance and responsiveness of the app for a better user experience. If data doesn’t refresh automatically, try to reload the page or toggle between tabs.

Also, expect the app to break during the testnet phase. That’s desired behavior and will help us to identify weak points and fix them before we launch on mainnet. If you spot any bugs or have proposals on how to further improve the current user experience, let us know in our feedback Discord channel. This may earn you some bonus points 😉. Finally, we want to highlight that the current version of the app was not optimized for mobile or tablets. We recommend using a desktop computer for the best testing experience.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the DIVA testnet launch! Register your wallet in our Discord today and give our system a test drive.

  • 📚 Docs: https://docs.divaprotocol.io/
  • 🚀 Testnet announcement: https://www.divaprotocol.io/posts/diva-testnet-announcement
  • 🍏 DIVA Testnet App: https://app.diva.finance/

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