DIVA team at Solana

DIVA team at Solana Hacker House

By Sk Ayaz at

Team DIVA had an opportunity to join a great event hosted by the team Solana, Solana Hacker House at Grand Sheraton, Bengaluru, India. It was a five-day-long offline hackathon and conference event from Tue, 10 May to 14 May. The event received an overwhelming response with 2000+ responses and the venue had a capacity of 500 people for which it was a first come first serve basis event and the DIVA team was able to make it to the event every day.

At the event, we secured our place and put on DIVA Presentation slides with a QR code to all the links with our DIVA Swags which attracted many people to come and learn about DIVA. The DIVA team presented all the required details to the people and asked them to check out links where they can find all information on the DIVA Protocol and its use cases. We also encouraged people to follow DIVA on Twitter and join Discord to stay updated about our upcoming test net launch program.

We also reached out to different teams connecting with them on what they were building to see if there are any projects which can also use DIVA to build their project. We got connected with people at Stock Market Fair which is an online gaming exchange on the stock market and they were interested to explore DIVA Protocol as they are planning to move their product web3 and DIVA Protocol seemed a good option to build the web3 betting platform that they are planning.

We also got to know about one more product called Swoop which is a Fantasy cricket app currently built on Solana, and they also got interested in exploring more about the DIVA Protocol to see how they can implement it in their product.

We were able to build a network with many other projects being built there and exchange contacts and join a few telegram groups for future communication purposes which will help us in driving people to explore DIVA and build products on that. We also got connected with people at Solster which is an IDO Launchpad and they were excited to know about the DIVA Protocol and asked us to get connected with them in the future if we have any plans for fundraising.

It was fun and great to connect with all the awesome people there and it was a pleasure representing DIVA and making people learn about what we have been building. On the last day, we finally took a complete round and met with most of the teams out there and attended the demo day presentation from the teams who had built products on Solana.

Attending this event help us get connected with web3 people more closely and share knowledge with each other and also got to know how people from different other teams and DAOs were hosting different tasks and rewarding users for the same and driving in members to other communities from the event. We look forward to similar future opportunities where we can represent DIVA to the teams and people who can be associated with us more closely and help us make DIVA a success and drive in more opportunities for the whole team.

Thanking the whole DIVA team and Wlad who supported us on our whole journey in making us possible to attend the event and had a great experience meeting with web3 people. We hope to build more connections in the future and drive value which would be beneficial for the DIVA Team members.


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