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DIVA Donate - The first successful campaign completed

By Walodja1987 at

We are delighted to announce the completion of the first conditional donation campaign on the DIVA Donate platform, which officially ended on 11 June. Due to sufficient rainfall levels, no donation was triggered this time, allowing donors to reclaim their contributions.

Specifically, the recorded value of the trigger metric (1 + Average NDVI) was reported as 1.34, exceeding the trigger range of 0.00-1.23 established in the pre-defined payoff profile.

Although no donation was triggered, the pilot campaign is considered a success and has provided valuable insights to our team. We are already preparing for upcoming campaigns to further amplify our positive impact. Donors who have reclaimed their contributions will have the opportunity to redirect their funds towards new initiatives, maximizing the impact of every dollar contributed.

We are grateful to all those that have participated in the DIVA Donate initiative. 🙏

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